Animated Icons by Outlane

Note about animated icons by Outlane: We create modern vector animated icons, the main advantage of these icons is that SVG icons have a smaller file size than GIF and load much faster. You don’t need to worry about including multiple images for different screen sizes, because each SVG icon will be scaled for any screen without increasing a file size.

You can purchase the animated icons in our Graphics Store.

If you have already purchased the icons, here are the quick steps to make it work with the theme: 

1. Upload the icons you want to use to the assets folder of the theme (Go to Shopify Admin > Themes > Edit Code, click on 'Assets' folder > 'Add new asset', select an icon from Animated > SVG folder on your computer, the icon should be in .json file format). 

2. Open  Theme Editor (Shopify Admin > Themes > Customize). Go to Theme Settings > General and click on 'Enable Animated Icons Support' checkbox.

3. Now, let's display the icons on the pages of our store. Go to Sections and add 'Features' section on the homepage. Click 'Add feature item' and instead of specifying an image, insert the following code to the 'SVG Image Code' area (replace ICON_NAME with the name of your icon without .json): 

<div data-icon="ICON_NAME" class="animated-icon"></div>  


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