Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial?

No, we don’t provide a free trial for the premium plan. You can use our basic plan which is free forever or upgrade to the premium and downgrade whenever you realise you don’t need additional functionality.

How do the animated icons impact my store?

There’s no impact to the performance of your store since the app loads asynchronous (separately) with the content of your store. Both animations and static icons are optimised to load fast.

Can I make an icon clickable?

Yes, it’s possible. When adding a feature item, specify the URL address and use a checkbox below if you want to open the link in the you window when it’s clicked.

What fonts are supported?

By default, the app pulls the same font as your theme is using for headings and paragraphs, which is great for performance and fits the layout of your store. You can also choose from the following system and Google fonts available in the app: Avant Garde, Gill Sans, Helvetica Neue, Arial, Arvo, Baskerville, Big Caslon, Calisto MT, Candara, Crimson Text, Droid Sans, Droid Serif, Garamond, Geneva, Lato, Lora, Montserrat, Muli, Old Standard, Open Sans, Oswald, PT Sans, PT Serif, Roboto, Source Sans Pro, Times New Roman, Ubuntu, Vollkorn, Work Sans.

Why the section looks different in the preview and on the pages of my store?

When you display a section on the pages of your store it’s getting integrated with the current theme which has its own CSS styles that are applied to every element of the page.

How to preview a section on the pages of my store? (without publishing it)

If you want to display a features section on the homepage, go to ‘Themes > Customize’ and add ‘Features section’, the changes won’t appear on the live store until you click ’Save’.
If you want to preview a features section on the pages of your store using the shortcode, we recommend duplicating your current theme (Themes > Theme Actions > Duplicate), then click ‘Actions > Edit Code’ and insert the shortcode in the desired place, when you are ready to go live with the section, simply publish the new theme. Don’t forget to enable the app in the duplicated theme on the ‘Installation’ page in the app.

The section isn’t displayed on the pages of my store or in the theme editor

Go to the ‘Installation’ page of the app and make sure it’s enabled in your theme. If the app is enabled in the theme but the section doesn’t appear in the theme editor, disable it and enable it again. It will reinstall the app for theme and the issue should be gone after that.

How to remove/disable the app?

To completely remove the app from your store: you need to go to ‘Features Section app > Installation page’ and disable the app from every theme. Also, if you previously used the shortcode to display the sections you need to remove it manually from your themes. After that, go to ‘Shopify Admin > Apps’ and click on the ‘delete’ icon next to ‘Features Section’.

I adjust the width of the icon but nothing is changing, what’s wrong?

Depending on the layout you have chosen, the height of the icon container you set and the proportions of a particular icon, sometimes you might notice that the width of a particular icon isn’t changing. It’s not a bug or anything like that, it’s because the percentage of the width is based on the full icon container width and your icon is already scaled down by the maximum height you have set. So you either need to decrease the width even more to notice the difference or increase the icon container height.

I can’t find an icon that fits my needs. Can I upload my own icon?

If none of the built-in icons fits your needs, you can display your own icon using the SVG code or via URL. Go to ‘Shopify Admin > Settings > Files > Click on Upload files > Upload your icon’, then copy the URL address from the same page, go to the app and paste the image URL when adding a feature item.

Can I request a custom icon?

You can send us a list of icons that are missing and you would like to see in the app, we will create the most demanded icons and add them to the app. Reach out to us at

How can I contact the app support?

If you have any issues or questions about the app, please contact us via email: We typically reply within 24 hours.

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