Frequently Asked Questions

What is this app for?

This app is an easy to use tool to offer your customers a special deal in a fun way which should boost your conversion. You can offer a % discount, free shipping or a free gift with a purchase.

How does it work?

The user lands on your store, notices the gift icon jumping on the left, clicks on it and sees a deal you offer. For example: 10% OFF if you make a purchase today. The user grabs the coupon/discount code and enters it on the checkout.

Where do I get a coupon/discount code?

To create a coupon/discount code, click on Discounts link in the Shopify Admin. To learn more about discount codes read the Shopify’s official guide: Creating discount codes

Why the fonts in the popup on my store look different from what I see in the preview?

When the app is activated on your store it will apply your current theme’s fonts to the popup so it will fit your store’s design seamlessly.

How to show the offer to a user only once?

You need to enable cookies on the app settings page and click on the checkbox ‘Hide after popup is closed’.

I’ve enabled cookies setting but I see the icon every time I go to my store.

The cookies don’t get set for the admin user of your store so every time you will see the icon on the left if the app is enabled. To test the app, please open your store in a private tab of your browser or use another browser.

How to clear the cookies for the users that already saw the offer?

You need to enter a new coupon/discount code in the popup settings to clear the cookies for all your past users (only app cookies will be cleared).

Can I display the offer only on a specific page?

Currently, if you activate the app it will be displayed on every page of your store. We’re working hard on implementing additional functionality for this app which will be released in the future updates :)

How can I contact the app support?

If you have any issues or questions about the app, please contact us via email: We typically reply within 24 hours.

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