Product Additional Info (Accordion)

You can display additional information, like shipping terms or size chart on product pages. 


To setup additional information accordion for products, open  Theme Editor (Shopify Admin > Themes > Customise), select 'Product Pages' from the dropdown located in the top area, then click on 'Product Page' section.

Click on 'Add content' button to add a new content block that will be displayed in a dropdown accordion on product pages. 

There 3 types of blocks that you can use in this section: Text, HTML or Page content (include any page that is created in Shopify Admin > Pages). 

By default, the content blocks are displayed on all product pages. You can specify a block to be displayed only for a product that has a specific attribute. For example, if you want to display a Size Chart for only products that have 'size' attribute, simply type 'size' in 'Related Attribute' field while editing the block. 

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