Custom Page Sections

The theme's page templates include a set content blocks that can be used to completely customize the appearance of each page (similar to Homepage sections). 

When you create a new page in Shopify Admin you can specify which template to use. 

To customize each page template open  Theme Editor (Shopify Admin > Themes > Customise), select a page (for example 'Contact Us') from the dropdown located in the top area, then click on 'Page Template' section. 

When you are done editing the page settings and save, the changes will apply to all pages that use the template that you just edited. 

The list of content blocks that can be used for page templates: 

  1. Page Content
  2. Featured Products
  3. Call To Action
  4. Contact Form
  5. Google Map
  6. Instagram Feed 
  7. Newsletter 
  8. Hero 
  9. YouTube Video
  10. Image With Text
  11. Info Card 
  12. HTML

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