Product Additional Content

You can display additional information, like shipping terms or size chart on product pages. 


To setup additional information tabs for products, open  Theme Editor (Shopify Admin > Themes > Customise), select 'Product Pages' from the dropdown located in the top area, then click on 'Product Card' section.

Click on 'Add content' button to add a new content block that will be displayed in a tabs section on product pages. 

There 4 types of blocks that you can use in this section: Text, HTML, Page content (include any page that is created in Shopify Admin > Pages) and Shopify Product Reviews. 

By default, the content blocks are displayed on all product pages. You can specify a block to be displayed only for a product that has a specific attribute. For example, if you want to display a Size Chart for only products that have 'size' attribute, simply type 'size' in 'Related Attribute' field while editing the block. 

You may also include custom content under the product card, for example YouTube video. Click on 'Product Additional Info' section to setup the content blocks that you want to display. 

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